Art For Art’s Sake #4 – Your Weekly Comic Art Experience

by Richard Bruton

Another week of the best comic art I’ve seen around the Internet this week. Could be old, could be new, could be some familiar name, or someone completely unknown to you. That’s the fun of it. The only thing everything shares in Art For Art’s Sake is that they’re all great pieces of comic art.


Compare and contrast time first. Kieron Gillen and Caspar Wijngaard have been having something of a blast on Peter Cannon: Thunderbolt, a five-issue series from Dynamite with all sorts of thematic echoes from Moore & Gibbons’ Watchmen. And in issue 4, they even seem to be getting Alan Moore into the comic as well. But, even better than that, Wijngaard is doing these scenes in a wonderful stylistic homage to Eddie Campbell’s Alec series… (Hat-tip to Alan Moore World)

And just to compare… here’s some gloriously lovely Eddie Campbell

Gemma Correll – the perfect set of My Adult Ponies…

UK comics artist Sarah Gordon… go buy Strip, a wordless meditation on a word.

Hit-Girl Season Two #6 variant cover by Gigi Cavenago

Posy Simmonds – beautiful illustration work…

Dave Gibbons on MAD… with you know who…

Darwyn Cooke and J Bone’s run on The Spirit, short but so good

Zatanna by Stephanie Hans

Skottie Young – Savage Avengers cover

Still my favourite ever X-Men artist, Paul Smith – the Bat and the Canary (Via To Write Comics On Her Arms)

László Márk – That there Batman…

Sergio Aragones – Groo

Tom Gauld – Birds for New Scientist magazine

Lee Gatlin – loads of great artwork at his site, great style, loving his superhero strips, but best of all is his horror-tinged stuff, with this first one having a welcome hint of the Charles Addams about it…

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