Armageddon Out Of Here: Preview Punks Not Dead London Calling #5

by Olly MacNamee

This is it! the crashing conclusion to Punks Not Dead London Calling, the entertaining series from writer David Barnett and artist Martin Simmonds with Aditya Bidikar on lettering, which sees its fifth and final issue hit shelves this week from Black Crown. Can our lad from the North of England prevent Armageddon? Or, are we destined for a highway to Hell? And, what about Dorothy Culpepper, heading back to London for one last spiritual showdown?
Here’s your preview of this week’s issue.

It’s the moment the whole story has been building to… Fergie comes face-to-face with Billy, the dad he’s never met. Or should that be Beleth, banished prince of hell? But before that, have Sid and Fergie actually found a way to stop being stuck together? And finally, Dorothy and Asif return to London with Natalie in tow for a battle royale unlike any other. Don’t miss “To the Underworld,” the smashing conclusion to our sophomore arc!

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