Has The Fledgling Flash Met His Match In The Turtle? Preview The Flash #74

by Olly MacNamee

The Flash #74 continued the gripping look back at Barry Allen’s very first year as The Flash in what has ben a very radical retelling of the original’s Silver Age story many were familiar with. It’s been a refreshing and entertaining saga so far and this week sees this adrenaline fuelled adventure continue as The Turtle from the future makes his dramatic appearance in the present, with an elderly Allen his prisoner.

“The Flash Year One” continues! The Turtle has made his grand entrance, and it’s about to bring down the house! As an untested hero with the mastery of his abilities still in its infancy, Barry Allen will face the toughest challenge of his life to defend Central City from the invading forces of those who seek its destruction. Our hero is faced with the fateful choice to either become a superhero or die trying!

The Flash #74 is out from DC Comics this week.

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