Neutralizing Invasion Forces In Operation Overlord Volume 3: The Merville Gun Battery

by Richard Bruton

In preparation for the D-Day landings, many missions were planned in an attempt to protect the biggest military landings of the entire war. In Operation Overlord Volume 3: The Merville Gun Battery, we see one of those missions play out, whilst never forgetting the individual men and women involved.

One of these missions was the operation to neutralise the Merville gun battery, the German artillery unit that would devastate the Sword Beach invasion forces before they had a chance to get off the beach.

In England, Bulford Camp has a full replica of the battery, used to train the men involved in the operation. A complex plan is made, involving paratroopers, glider delivered troops, mine-field clearance, all reliant on each other.

This third volume of the historical Operation Overlord series, an international European best-seller, tells the tale of the fateful mission, where little ended up going as planned.

Along the way, we follow the lives of two paratroopers based at Bulford, Quebec Canadian Adrien and the English paratrooper Norman, who’s taken a dislike to the ‘Frenchie’, for reasons that, over the course of the book, become clear.

Like the other Operation Overlord volumes, the story works because it manages the seamless interweaving of the historical action, the detailed planning and background, and the complex human stories of the men and women involved. And here we have one of the most emotional of the tales so far, with romantic and family entanglements complicating the storylines.

Operation Overlord Volume 3: The Merville Gun Battery. Written by Bruno Falba, art by Davide Fabbri, colors by Domenico Neziti, translation by Ivanka Hahnenberger, English letters by Gemma Sheldrake. Published by Rebellion and The Treasury of British Comics on 31 July 2019.

Now, here’s our preview of Operation Overlord Volume 3…

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