New Horror From Mignola And Robertson In Witchfinder: Reign Of Darkness From Dark Horse

by Olly MacNamee

Coming this winter from Dark Horse is a new 5 part horror comic from legendary Hellboy creator Mike MignolaiZombie co-creator Chris Roberson, artist Christopher Mitten, and colorist Michelle Madsen called Witchfinder: Reign of Darkness.
Set in Victorian England, at the height of the Jack the Ripper cases, Sir Edward Grey – occult adviser to the queen – takes on London’s most famous serial killer of all time.
Robertson explained more about this new series in the official PR:

It’s been long-established that Sir Edward Grey was involved in some capacity in the investigation into the Ripper killings in 1888, and that shortly afterward he left government service for good. But we’ve never known just what Sir Edward discovered during his investigation, or who was behind the Ripper murders in the world of Hellboy, or what happened that caused the royal Witchfinder to having a falling-out with Queen Victoria…until now, at least. In the pages of Witchfinder: Reign of Darkness, we’ll be exploring all of those questions, and more, as Sir Edward’s investigation into a string of grisly murders leads him in directions he couldn’t have guessed, encountering new enemies and new allies along the way.

Murder, mystery, magic and more? And, available this November 27, 2019 from Dark Horse Comics.

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