The Birds Return In A Preview Of Next Week’s Legion

by Erik Amaya

Has David (Dan Stevens) changed time or is Syd (Rachel Keller) building a new reality to escape the grasp of Legion? Either way, Oliver (Jemaine Clemons) and Melanie Bird (Jean Smart) return in this new timeline — which echoes Oliver’s Woodcutter story — to raise Syd as their own. It is a seemingly better world except for the Victorian-style squalor, the continued existence of the Angriest Boy In the World, and Oliver’s seeming lycanthropy (or is it vampirism?). But as this preview of next week’s Legion indicates, even this nightmare realm could be fixed if David can ever get his act together.

But with the revelation that David was always the sanest part of Legion, will the rest of his consciousness allow him to go through with his new plan? The attempt to warn his mother about the Shadow King (Navid Negahban) failed. So, maybe his next option is to contact Charles Xavier (Harry Lloyd) directly? Considering what happened in the comics when Legion attempted to meet Xavier in the past, the darker elements of David’s soul may be grasping for something apocalyptic. But even succeeding in that endeavor would not lead to the fantasy world glimpsed in the preview. We’re going to assume next week’s episode will occur entirely in Syd’s mind as she attempt to get back to her own body.
Meanwhile, this week seemingly featured the final end for Lenny (Aubrey Plaza), but considering how many times we’ve seen her corpse on this show, I am not inclined to believe this is her last moment in the series; even as it makes sense for David to go into the endgame alone.
Legion airs Mondays on FX.

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