5 Point Discussions – Black Clover 91: “Mereoleona Vs. Raia The Disloyal”

by Sage Ashford

The Crimson Lion’s Captain faces off against the last member of the Midnight Sun’s Third Eye! Remember, if you like this article and 5 Point Discussions, please share it on Facebook or Twitter! It means a lot. And if you’ve got any comments or questions, please hit me up @SageShinigami.

1. There’s nothing better than having a quick solution to old, hoary tropes.  “There’s an impostor among us” has been done a billion times, in every genre from sci-fi to horror to action series.  Typically it comes down to “say something only you and I would know”, which often leads to something embarrassing being revealed about a key character.  While that can be entertaining, Tabata doesn’t have that option available here, since these three characters barely know each other. So when one of the Midnight Sun’s Third Eye members Raia the Disloyal impersonates Asta, Mereleona cuts to the simplest solution: set them both on fire.  Asta’s powerful enough that he could survive it, and it immediately forces Raia out of hiding.  Funny, yet it cuts right to the chase and allows us to set up for the major battle of the episode.

2. One of the things hinted at during this week’s episode is a “revival” and a true form.  Presumably, this plays into the magic stone the remaining members of the Midnight Sun stole a few episodes back from the Black Bulls’ hideout. Just when we were beginning to think our heroes actually had the drop on someone for once.

3. Another major hint being dropped here involves Fuegoleon, the former captain of the Crimson Lions. He’s been unconscious for the better part of three arcs now, but this episode shows him beginning to stir from his injury.  This raises an important question: just how much longer is Black Clover intending to run?  If “season two” is meant to be another 52 episodes, then they have another 13 episodes remaining.  This arc literally just wrapped up in the manga last week, and while they certainly could cover it in a week, it’d be the fastest they’ve ever adapted anything.
The other question is…do they intend to keep going after this? Despite the negative response it gets from critics, Black Clover has managed to get pretty popular, and this arc is actually the best one yet.  But with the series firmly out of source material, there’s a chance this series will have to deal with something most anime have done away with in filler, which could easily kill the budding popularity the series is enjoying.  It’d be easier to take a break with this series, but then if they wanted to do that it would’ve been easiest to do so after the first 52, when there was still plenty of source material.

4. This episode brings up a crucial technique that’s going to be mentioned a lot going forward: the Mana Zone.  Mereoleona introduced Mana Skin to the audience and rookie mages during her introduction, and now she’s got a new skill to display. But while Mana Skin is more of a passive ability (for all you RPG nerds), Mana Zone is far more active. It’s a higher level version of Mana Skin, taking the magic of the area around a user and using it to control that area, allowing for far greater mana usage than someone actually has, while also increasing the user’s reaction time and physical traits. Yuno used this to help him fight against Rill, but it wasn’t expounded on.  Still, it’s going to become common over the remainder of this arc, plus it leads to this:

5. Mereoleona’s only been back for a handful of episodes and it’s taken no time for her to re-establish herself as the best character on the show.  She’s not just entertaining though, she’s absurdly overpowered, and thus treats us to something that’s rare in any action series: a one-sided beatdown given out by the hero. The Third Eye was displayed early on as this threat with greater power than even Magic Knight Captains, and thus it made sense that both Vetto and Fana took groups of powerful mages with great teamwork to take them down. Raia was the last of those mages, and by all accounts he was easily the strongest, boasting the ability to copy and (in many cases) even improve on certain spells.  Unfortunately for him, none of it mattered–every single spell he had was countered, ignored, or destroyed, while Mereleona begged him for more. Genre-savvy viewers were no doubt waiting on the point where he turned the situation around in his favor, but the only thing that happened was Raia getting beaten unmercifully.  Literally the only shot he has is if plot saves him.
In short:

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