James Wan Plans A Horror Film Before Diving Into Aquaman Sequel

by Erik Amaya

James Wan is heading back to the land of horror before returning to the seas.

Variety reports the Aquaman director is setting up a horror project at New Line Cinema — a division of Warner Bros. Pictures — in advance of a Jason Momoa-led sequel. This has, in fact, been Wan’s plan for some time. Or at least, reports in February indicated he was interested in making a smaller film before diving back into the DC Universe.

Plot details are non-existent, but the site reports he will co-write the film with Ingrid Bisu. Production will being in the fall, with Wan heading into pre-production on Aquaman 2 immediately afterward.

As Warner Bros. Pictures was aware of Wan’s plan to make another film, they also put into development a project based on The Trench, the creatures Arthur (Momoa) and Mera (Amber Heard) face two-thirds into the first Aquaman film. Introduced during the New 52 relaunch in 2011, The Trench are a tribe of Atlantis cut off from the rest when the nation sank into the ocean. Unlike the other tribes, which remained more or less human, the Trench devolved into animalistic fish-like creatures. It is unclear if the film will be set prior to the sinking of Atlantis or feature the Trench as antagonists for a new set of characters. But with the Aquaman sequel on the fast track, it is unclear if The Trench will make its way to theaters any time soon.

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