Exclusive Preview: Dean Haspiel’s Red Hook Returns To Image With The Dual Hero War Cry

by Hannah Means Shannon

Dean Haspiel’s reluctant hero The Red Hook will be returning to Image Comics for a second paperback edition, collecting a new arc of the Ringo Award-winning webcomic, in Fall 2019.

In The Red Hook, Volume 2: War Cry, things get cosmic for our New Brooklyn characters, and our thief turned hero has to cope with, first the loss of his beloved, and then her resurrection as a dual entity aka War Cry, a fusion of her persona and a local teenage boy named Rajak Allah. The return of a deific adversary forces The Red Hook to team up with War Cry if they are to have any hope of survival.

Haspiel has provided us with some exclusive commentary on this upcoming edition, and also an exclusive preview of its contents.

Here’s what the writer/artist has to say about War Cry:

I’ve been a fan of superhero comics since I first started buying them off the newsstand in the 1970s. Shazam, aka the original Captain Marvel, was one of the first comic books I ever read. Years later, I would pick up Firestorm, and discover O.M.A.C. (One Man Army Corps). I was fascinated by the duality of these types of superheroes. Characters that were populated and/or affected by more than one sentient being.

After getting the chance and honor to write and draw some superhero comics for Marvel and DC Comics, including a critically-acclaimed run on The Fox for Archie Comics, I decided it was time to build my own shared universe via New Brooklyn with my ongoing saga, The Red Hook. Inspired by Golden and Silver Age comics, I created WAR CRY, a human of mass destruction, who happens to share a body with a teenage boy named Rajak, graced with the powers of all the dead superheroes in America.

Imagine the powers of The Avengers mashed up with The Justice League of America and plugged into one person? Only, when Rajak shouts “WAR CRY,” he becomes a she, a war goddess, and things become complicated. But, how long can two very different people, with personalities akin to Hawk and Dove, last in one shared body? And, how is The Red Hook supposed to rekindle romance with his resurrected girlfriend? You’ll have to read The Red Hook vol.2 WAR CRY when it comes out October 9th, 2019 from Image Comics.

You can pre-order the upcoming paperback edition, which lands on October 9th, 2019 with the following Diamond ID: AUG190110

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