Wonder Pony Turns A Student Into A Super Hero

by James Ferguson

Creator Marie Spénale delivers a charming new adventure for anyone that’s ever wished to be a super hero in Wonder Pony, a new original graphic novel coming in April 2020 from Boom! Studios. It follows Louison as she begins the sixth grade, struggling to fit in at a boarding school and make friends. That may be complicated by the fact that she now has super powers. Her friend Jean-Pierre, a pink pony helps Louison transform herself into the super-heroine Wonder Pony to watch over the school and protect her classmates and friends from any dangers that may arise.

Creator / writer / artist Marie Spénale says:

Louison is a heroine I would have liked to be in sixth grade: a girl who’s a little bit shy, but courageous, and who learns to overcome the monsters that haunt her school thanks to Jean-Pierre, a tiny magic pony! Thanks to him, she becomes super strong and very popular. The dream, right? I hope you have as much fun reading Wonder Pony as I did when I wrote and drew it!

Wonder Pony will be released under Boom! Studios’ KaBoom! imprint alongside other titles geared towards middle grade and younger readers. Judging from the premise and the artwork, this is a perfect fit for the brand.
Editor Sophie Philips-Roberts adds:

Thanks to Marie’s vivid characters and incredible illustrations, every page of Wonder Pony comes alive with adventure, fun, friendship, and the sense of excitement that comes with each new school year. This book is for every kid—and kid at heart—who daydreams about gaining fantastical powers, becoming a superhero, and busting out of their classroom to go and save the day!

Wonder Pony is set for release in April 2020.

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