Charlie And Vita Hit The Strip In Crowded #8

by Brendan M. Allen

Charlie and Vita arrive in Vegas, looking for a safe haven and maybe some answers about who is behind the Reapr campaign. As the two begin to share some secrets and a ratty hotel room, will they finally learn to work together?

Charlie and Vita are NOT dead. Huh? Huh? Right? Somehow, they escaped thousands of would-be assassins trying to cash in that $2,690,000 bounty on the Hypertube to Las Vegas. Why Vegas? Easy to blend, with all the other weirdos roaming the strip. The girl with the pink hair, the tiny suitcase dog, and the angry gun lady should fit right in, yeah? You would think. Except, Charlie’s gonna Charlie, and there’s not much Vita can do to stop her, so…

In Crowded #8, Christopher Sebela pulls back the curtain on Vita’s past. Charlie gets her a little liquored up, and the characteristically reserved Vita becomes shockingly open about her past, her present, and even a few of her future hopes and dreams. Who is this kid, and what have you done with Slatter? She’s either really, really drunk, or that pink haired hooligan has finally worn her down. Maybe some of both. Anyway, the liquor and the new chemistry lead to some really great character moments.

Ro Stein, Ted Brandt, and Triona Farrell give us a lot of really fun stuff to look at in this installment. Charlie’s tech bro billionaire friend’s hotel? Yeah, that’s definitely a giant penis. This chapter is shockingly light on the violence, but that allows the art team to open up the sight gags. Those anti-facial recognition Rorschach masks are brilliant. Juggalo paint would have worked, apparently, but those masks are cool, too.

So far, this is the most human chapter. Charlie has been trying her damnedest to crack Vita, and it appears she might have just. Going forward, will this budding friendship interfere with the increasingly difficult task of keeping this absolute nutter upright and breathing? Who knows? Fun to watch, though, isn’t it?

Crowded #8, Image Comics, released 07 August 2019. Line art by Ro Stein and Ted Brandt, colours by Triona Farrell, script/design by Christopher Sebela, letters by Cardinal Rae, edits by Juliette Capra, log by Dylan Todd, flatting by Katie O’Meara and Holley McKend, variant cover by MJ Erickson.

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