Mixing Doctor Who, Calvin & Hobbes, And Harry Potter In The Adventures Of Mickey & Maj

by James Ferguson

Action Lab Entertainment has a new all-ages title on the way with The Adventures of Mickey & Maj from creator Rick Lundeen. Book One – Time. Space. Magic. follows a boy and his ancient magic carpet as they explore all of time and space.

Creator Rick Lundeen says:

Millennia ago, The Weaver began creating magic carpets. Woven with enchanted threads, these sentient beings of floor-ware could fly at incredible speeds, travel into space and pierce the barriers of time itself! These beings spread throughout the universe. One was named Majestic and ended up in the attic of 7 year old Mickey Hawthorne. This is the day they met, the day Maj decided to show this kid the universe. Think one part Doctor Who, one part Calvin and Hobbes, and sprinkle in some Harry Potter. This is Mickey & Maj.

The Adventures of Mickey & Maj sounds like a pretty fun book. What kid hasn’t dreamed about going on all kinds of adventures? Look for this at your local comic shop on October 23rd, 2019.

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