Image Announces Vampire Horror ‘Killadelphia’ From Rodney Barnes & Jason Shawn Alexander

by Olly MacNamee

Vampires are still cool, right? I mean, they never seem to be out of fashion these days as different creators put their own spin on these nightwalkers, such as These Savage Shores, American Vampire and other such stories. I still enjoy a well written and well conceived tale of bloodsucking and boldness and it would seem I’m not the only one.

Image Comics have announced a new vampire-centric saga called Killadelphia from writer Rodney Barnes (Wu-tang: An American Saga, Marvel’s Runaways, Starz’s American Gods) and artist Jason Shawn Alexander (Spawn) which will launch this November.

When a small-town beat cop comes home to bury his murdered father—the revered Philadelphia detective James Sangster Sr.—he begins to unravel a mystery that leads him down a path of horrors that will shake his beliefs to their core. The city that was once the symbol of liberty and freedom has fallen prey to corruption, poverty, unemployment, brutality… and vampires. Welcome to Killadelphia.

One part crime noir, another part social commentary and a whole lotta horror, it’s an intriguing concept as American Gods writer, Barnes, explains:

I wanted to tell a story about people who have fallen through the cracks of society. Those who dream the American dream but do so from the back of the line. That is until now. Can they who have been shown little mercy themselves be merciful? We shall soon see. I can’t say enough about Jason Shawn Alexander’s art, which beautifully captures the mood and tone of an American city under siege. And I’m excited for all to experience the horrors which lurk in the alleys and low places of a town we call Killadelphia.

Will you be biting into this book on Wednesday, November 27th?

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