Monkey Business: Preview Eve Stranger #3 From Barnett, Bond And Black Crown

by Olly MacNamee

What is it with giant apes and cities? It’s never a great combination as Eve Stranger is destined to find out in this week’s Eve Stranger #3 from David Barnett, Philip Bond, Eve de la Cruz and Jane Heir. Although, judging from the preview, it doesn’t look all that bad. But, what does this all have to do with her past? Curiouser and curiouser.

Eve’s latest need-to-know mission takes her to Prague, the Bohemian capital, where a giant ape is terrorizing the historic city. But that’s all right, because everyone’s favorite amnesiac-for-hire has finally scored a jetpack. As Jimmy Mac, Eve’s lovelorn clean-up crew, tries to get her attention, Eve learns that this monkey business might somehow give her answers about her forgotten past. Plus a backup feature starring Eve Stranger, social correspondent of The Convivial Times, by Liz Prince (Tomboy).

You can catch David Barnett as a guest at this year’s High Vis Fest, Digbeth, Birmingham on Saturday, the 7th of September.

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