Paint Comes Alive In The Art Of Concrete Genie From Dark Horse Books

by James Ferguson

Dark Horse Books and Pixelopus have teamed up to present The Art of Concrete Genie, a collection of heartwarming illustrations featuring Ash and his wildly varied “living paint” creations. Dive into the mysterious streets of Denska with artwork from the PlayStation 4 game that studies that power of self-expression, creativity, and the belief that anyone can be an artist.

The Art of Concrete Genie explores the characters, monster, and lore of Denska, digging into the secrets behind Pixelopus’ “living paint” mechanics that allow walls to come alive with player creations. The book also features a special, behind-the-scenes look at the development of the game from the small and passionate team that brought it to life.

The Art of Concrete Genie clocks in at 160 full-color pages and will retail for $29.99. It’s set for release on December 10th, 2019. Concrete Genie will be available exclusively on the PlayStation 4 on October 8th, 2019 and is currently available for pre-order at your local comic shop and Amazon.

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