Kickstarting Comics: Hey, Amateur! Offers Advice In One Page Strips By The Industry’s Best

by Olly MacNamee

Shelly Bond and the good people at Black Crown/IDW have a Kickstarter together for a new venture, Hey Amateur! A collection of one-page strips which offer up tips, tricks, and advice that’ll have you going from amateur to auteur in no time, and features a list of contributors that’s pretty amazing.

With over a quarter century of experience, award-winning DC/Vertigo and Black Crown editor Shelly Bond will wrangle an inventive assemblage of writers and artists from veterans to newcomers including Michael Allred, Gail Simone, Simon Bisley, Jill Thompson, John Allison, Liz Prince, Mark Buckingham, Magdalene Visaggio and others to be announced throughout the 30-day campaign.

Checking out the Kickstarter campaign page, the goal is to create a 224 page hardcover including 100 strips as well as including the creator bios and a bit of extra info.

With rewards ranging from a $5 shout-out in the book to a $250 pledge that includes the book,  a signed sketch of The Sandman by contributor Mark Buckingham, and more, there’s a good deal of options depending on the size of your wallet.

Go check it out now, while it’s still live!

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