First Look At Once And Future #2 From Gillen, Mora And Boom! Studios

by Olly MacNamee

Not only is Once and Future #1 getting fifth reprint, Boom Studios have posted a first look at Once and Future #2 by Kieron Gillen, Dan Mora, Tamara Bonvillain and Ed Dukeshire. And, that solitary tower on the hill looks very suspiciously like Salisbury Tor, one of many historical sites here in the UK associated with the legend of King Arthur. Check out the unlettered pages below and marvel at Mora’s art.

The McGuire family has held back supernatural threats for generations, but this time they messed up. As an ancient evil arises from the grave, Bridgette and Duncan find themselves up against forces bigger than they could have expected, and faces new and old are about to complicate things further.

Once and Future #2 is out September 18th from Boom! Studios.

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