Exclusive Preview: Capes Versus Kaiju In The Pride #4 From ComiXology Originals

by Olly MacNamee

The fourth issue of The Pride Season 2 drops onto ComiXology this Wednesday, the 18th of September and we’ve been given an exclusive preview of the issue to share with you all. Written by Joe Glass, with art by Cem Iroz, colour from Mark Dale and lettering by Mike Stock.

It’s kaiju craziness for The Pride, as the team have to stop a monstrous lizard from trashing Manhattan! But the most horrifying surprise is yet to come, as Frost becomes a target of the most frightening of menaces – the paprazzi!

Capes and kaiju? That’s a win win for me! And, for more details on this series, read my interview with Glass here. Now, onto that exclusive preview.


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