Kickstart This – Welcome To The Wackiest, Weirdest Record Label In The World: Hitsville UK

by Richard Bruton

A surreal love-letter to the weirder corners of pop music, Hitsville UK by John Riordan and Dan Cox was one of my favourite comics across many years it took for the complete seven issues to be published. Now, thanks to Kickstarter, there’s the chance to get hold of one of the best British comics of recent times…

Across the storyline, you’ll have the chance to meet a gloriously weird cast of characters in the music biz, with a truly wonderful menagerie of bands… from angel-voiced grotesques to 60s throwbacks, via hip-hop agitators and imaginary robots.

And that doesn’t even include the totally off-his head genius producer and demonic accountant for the Hitsville UK record label.

It’s a fabulous kick-ass rock n roll rollercoaster of a comic…

As you can see from the art through this and the preview below, there’s some fabulously unrestrained artwork from Riordan, drifting through some incredibly diverse styles each time an artistic shift is needed.

And in all of this weirdness, there’s a real full-on comedy element to Hitsville UK, every issue just full of the sublime and the ridiculous (not necessarily in that order) and plenty of laughs.

(Tomorrow never nose… oh Ringo!)

The Kickstarter for Hitsville UK began on 3 September, with the aim of publishing the full series, including all seven issues, mini-strips, pin-ups, and process material in a 240-page graphic novel.

There are plenty of rewards on offer for the Kickstarter, including original art, an exclusive print from Jules Scheele, and the chance to have John and Dan turn you and your friends into a Hitsville UK worthy band.

It’s already fully funded, but that’s no reason not to get the book – go give them even more money, there will no doubt be plenty of suitably strange and wonderful stretch goals on offer.

And best of all, you’ll then have the chance to find out just why I described Hitsville UK as…

Absolutely great fun. Absolutely all over the place in a weird Wacky Races meets Scooby-Doo if they were all musicians, Monkees, Rock & Roll Swindle, god only knows what else kind of way…… I read it and immediately wanted to read it again. So I did. And a third time. Fantastic.

It takes an awful lot to get the concept of music, in all its forms across on the comics page. Many have tried and failed. Hitsville UK succeeds in glorious, amazing, bizarre fashion.

So, here’s the opening few pages of your next favourite graphic novel… enjoy!

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