Art For Art’s Sake # 19 – Pretty (Comic) Pictures For Your Pleasure

by Richard Bruton

Once more around the comic art world? Oh, why not… it’s time for the Comicon Art For Art’s Sake column.

Fiona Stephenson – Bodies #1

Jamie McKelvie – Captain Marvel

Joelle Jones doing a little redesign on Catwoman…

Green Arrow & Black Canary – Babs Tarr

Silver Surfer – Ron Garney (Via Failed Mad Scientist)

Rob Walton (he of the oh so funny Ragmop) brings us the adventures of hot-stuff and Etrigan

Ric Estrada – (from David Roach on FB)

Duncan Fegredo – Enigma

Sergio Aragones – 2007 SDCC cover

Warwick Johnson-Cadwell…

Andrew Robinson – Grayson issue 1

Kris Anka – from The White Trees issue 1

Isabel Greenberg

PJ Holden – beautiful architecture and perspective on this Dredd piece…

Howard Cruse‘Chip Kidd, whom I met at MoCCA Fest, has been enlisting a lot of distinguished comics artists to fill a blank b&w Batman comic book cover with their own renditions of the Caped Crusader. Having overdosed on the scary, angry, brooding, sometimes-borderline-fascistic Dark-Knight Batman that’s been dominating the movie screens since Tim Burton had his first crack at the character, I decided to turn for inspiration to the less threatening, straight-from-the-drug-store-spinner-racks 1950s Batman covers I grew up with’.

Colleen Doran – Death and Dream – ‘This uses both black ink and 18K gold acrylic paint, which is no longer made. I use it like ink, so I sometimes refer to it as ink. I bought a rather hefty stash of it when I knew I would no longer be able to get it. I really like the coverage and sheen‘.

Rick Leonardi – much-underated artist…

Have loved Paul Pope‘s artwork ever since seeing his first published THB comic, but these wonderful Pope does Charles M. Schulz pages are completely new to me (as far as I remember at least – memory failure!)

And seeing those set me off down a bit of a Paul Pope THB rabbit hole… enjoy!



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