NYCC 2019 – The Current Crop From Berger Books

by Koom Kankesan

The panel on Berger Books, headed by editor Karen Berger, spoke today at NYCC. Six artists were present and they talked about the following books.

Ann Nocenti, perhaps most famous for her lengthy run on Daredevil and editing The X-Men in the 80s, talked about Ruby Falls. Illustrated by Flavia Biondi, the book looks at the enduring mysteries in small towns. It plays with the mystery genre and the notion of the fallen woman.
Christopher Cantwell (writer) and Martin Morazzo (artist) talked about their title She Could Fly which looks at the strangeness of department stores.

G. Willow Wilson, famous for Ms. Marvel, talked about her space opera Invisible Kingdom (drawn by Christian Ward) and she was accompanied by Tana Ford, an artist who had previously worked on Black Panther.
British writer Peter Milligan had just done a press release for his new book Tomorrow, which comes out soon-ish, about a Russian virus that jumps the computer barrier and affects human species. He talked at length about being influenced by the creepiness of British private schools.
Karen Berger was once the head of Vertigo at DC comics and her current ventures share a similar tone and mystique.

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