Sorry To Bother You Reviewed

by Tito W. James

Sorry To Bother You is a film that defies traditional categorization. It takes place in a surreal hyper-reality akin to the works of Terry Gilliam or Wes Anderson. I would categorize Sorry To Bother You as an example of afro-retro-futurism. It’s as if characters from a 1970s Blaxploitation film tried to imagine present day. The film follows the exploits of a young black telemarketer who’s ability to impersonate white people takes him down a dark rabbit hole.


While the film is humorous in tone, Sorry To Bother You isn’t quite a comedy. If your looking for easy laughs, look elsewhere.


In a cinematic landscape saturated with re-makes, sequels, and shared universes, it’s refreshing to see an original idea. Sorry To Bother You revels in it’s weirdness while also portraying endearing characters who’s struggles are rooted in contemporary issues.


Sorry To Bother You is hard to pin into a specific genre and won’t appeal to everyone. Yet, it’s the film’s uncompromisingly warped vision that makes they story stand out against the competition. Director Boots Riley has created something truly unique and I look forward to whatever crazy adventure comes next.

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