A Virus Makes Uneasy Partners In A Preview Of Next Week’s Black Lightning

by Erik Amaya

The situation in Freeland is still rather tense, but over at the ASA black site, it is only getting worse. And as seen in this preview of next week’s Black Lightning, a virus infecting metahumans will cause further strains. But it also seems it will force Jefferson (Cress Williams) to work with the ASA — something he is very disinclined to do at this point. Will he be able to stomach a truce long enough to isolate the virus?

Meanwhile, it seems we’re back to Jefferson and Lynn (Christine Adams) being at odds. Their disagreements tend to be the conflicts the show never gets right — and this time, they’ve clearly laid out their reasons for being on opposing sides! Except for Lynn’s initial problem with Black Lightning, their arguments always come off a little forced. Perhaps the virus situation will make them reconsider things.

Then again, just about ever member of the Pierce family — other than Jennifer (China Anne McClain) was out of sorts this week. Jefferson wants to start a revolution, Lynn is read to collaborate, and Anissa’s (Nafessa Williams) usual sense of fair play seemed to leave her after that fall she took in the premiere. Also, her decision to take on the Markovian pathfinders will only bring them to the Perdi farm quicker. It almost makes one wonder if O’Dell (Bill Duke) has already put the mind control chips in their brains.

Speaking of the mind control chip, Kahlil’s (Jordan Calloway) latest evolution is the most heartbreaking. Sure, he’ll probably overcome the programing at some point, but he’ll have to live with the knowledge he killed his own mother. Then again, O’Dell’s “test” of Kahlil may prove to be the biggest misstep of the whole operation.

And because we love Lala (William Catlett), we can’t wait to see what he does with the remains of The 100 gang. He’s always been the most interesting antagonist on the show and it seems like they’re finally willing to admit it.

Black Lightning airs Mondays on The CW.

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