5 Point Discussions – Black Clover 24: “Blackout”

by Sage Ashford

The Magic Knights find themselves in a dangerous predicament when they’re all teleported away from the royal capital while it’s under attack! And we finally learn the real goal of the invasion. Remember, if you like this article and 5 Point Discussions, please share it on Facebook or Twitter! It really helps. And if you’ve got any comments or questions, please hit me up @SageShinigami.

1. After being defeated by Fuegoleon last episode, Rades is finally captured–covered by a bunch of flaming lion arms that don’t incinerate him because magic–and Fuegoleon gets to interrogate him. Before that, though…we learn why Rades is such an angry guy. He’s mad at the royals of course, but there’s another reason he’s been lashing out at everyone. Leon gets ahold of his grimoire, and it turns out there’s only a single page in it. Yup. Whoever doles out the magic talents decided that Rades was just gonna be the zombie guy, instead of being the fire mage, or the mage who can summon clouds of fluff shaped like lambs, or the lightning bunny mage.
…No, there’s not a bunny mage. I just wish there was.
Anyway, for Rades this is clearly a crippling mental issue. He’s so embarrassed and ashamed he ignores his situation and is near begging Leon not to look, and not to dare looking down on him.  The rest of the story is obvious; he closed himself off to the world and attacked them because he wants to feel validated for the strength he does have. Fortunately, they don’t immediately try to reform him. Instead of pitying him, Asta points out that he could’ve done literally anything else to get respect instead of just attacking people. I love that shonen anime often makes the attempt to rehabilitate people, but not immediately after attempting to kill a small child.

2. Elsewhere, the Knights aren’t able to breathe easy, as they wind up teleported outside of the city thanks to a trap. Turns out, most of the attack wasn’t even planned–they were just indulging Rades’ desire to inflict as much pain as possible. The real plan was only getting all the magic knights separated and into position to teleport them away.
I’m not sure if this means the villains are idiots, or the heroes are. All this time the Magic Knights were mowing down these zombies with ease, no one noticed the presence of several other powerful mages roaming around the city that weren’t them? But at the same time, if you’ve got a plan that’s working…why stray from it just to satisfy one insecure idiot?

3. There’s only a handful of Knights remaining after the enemies spring their trap, and that leaves one of the invading mages free to have her way with the place. She uses a technique to drain the mana out of several citizens, sucking their youth away in order to make herself look younger.  Fortunately, Yuno managed to escape and is able to save the majority of them.
Still, her abilities far outstrip his, and she assaults him relentlessly with curse bullets that strip him of his senses. Again, this is where Yuno stands out from most shonen rival characters–as he starts to lose, the story points out that despite his possession of the four leaf clover grimoire, no one seems to believe in him other than himself and Asta. The other Magic Knights, all nobles, disregard him for his peasant background. It’s not just a given that he’ll succeed…most people actually think he’s a loser. But as he’s being outclassed, the loss of his senses is replaced with the ability to detect mana to a far greater extent than he ever had before.
And finally, he manages to awaken the power that saved him and the others in the Dungeon arc–the Wind Sylph, who immediately creates a magic spell powerful enough to damage the witch.   This character, named Bell in the adorable Petit Clover this week, is going to play a major role in Yuno’s development going forward, so it’s good to finally have her here. It’s also nice to watch the “perfect” Yuno struggle a little bit before finally figuring out the way to victory.

4. The most obvious goal for the invading forces would be the King, right? After all, he’s defenseless and incapable of defending himself–this week’s episode we just see him being fed by a group of women while ignoring the danger his own Knights are in–so it’d be easy to sneak in and kill him.
But nope, as it turns out, their goal all along was Fuegoleon. While he’s questioning Rades, he suddenly finds himself teleported into a strange realm covered in light. Deciding to go there of his own volition, he’s caught off guard by an assailant we don’t see, but he recognizes. Uh-oh. Looks like there’s a traitor in the midst of the Magic Knights!
This story is still being resolved in the manga, but with only twenty six episodes remaining there’s not much chance we’ll get to cover it here, so this is where I remind everyone that the Black Clover manga is much better than the anime. You should give it a shot.

5. Next Episode: With Fuegoleon in another dimension and all the high level Magic Knights transported outside the city, things are looking more dire than ever. More of the invading army looks to make an appearance next episode, but what can the exhausted Asta and company do about it?
If you’re not reading the manga, this arc still has at least two more episodes in it before we hit completion. Though it seems like everything’s already over with and the good guys have won, there’s still a few unexpected twists coming shortly. Including help from an unexpected source.  Look forward to it!
Black Clover is available for streaming on Hulu and Crunchyroll.

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