Brooklyn Nine-Nine 5.12 Recap: Holt’s Husband Is In A Gangster’s Crosshairs

by Gary Catig

After a three-month mid-season hiatus, Brooklyn Nine-Nine returned Sunday night picking up after the cliff hanger. Seamus Murphy has threatened all those close to Captain Holt, including his husband, Kevin. The crew infiltrate Kevin’s university through clever disguises in order to take him to a safehouse until all the drama blows over. By using decoys and switcheroos, they successfully smuggle Kevin out of the college undetected into an awaiting van.
 [**Spoilers for 5.12 Ahead!]
Peralta decides to be Kevin’s escort while he’s in protective custody. Since Kevin is Holt’s one and only true love, he is overly cautious and protective in developing the ground rules for the two at the safehouse. First, they are completely cut off from the outside world with no electronics or cell phones in case Murphy can track them. Also, they must crawl on their bellies military style to move around the house for fear of being seen through the window blinds. At least they have a foot and a half square that designates the area they can stand without being detected from the outside.

Nine weeks into seclusion, Holt brings them good news. The organized crime unit is moving in on Murphy and once caught, they can return to civilization. All this time, the two’s only form of entertainment has been going through the entire Nicolas Cage catalog of movies, but at least this night, they can watch something different. They invite the whole Nine-Nine to watch the raid to arrest Seamus. Unfortunately, someone has tipped off the gangster and the raid is a complete bust.
Now that Murphy is in the wind, Holt tightens up the security precautions at the safehouse. Both tenants are reaching their tipping point in isolation, especially Kevin. As a civilian, he’s not accustomed to such conditions and his agitation is beginning to put strain on his marriage.
Suffering from cabin fever, Jake is willing to take the risk of them going out in public. They go to the library so Kevin can do research for a book he’s writing. In order to fit in, they dress as weird perverts. Their disguises are so effective that Peralta is able to make an actual pervert uncomfortable. Holt catches them outside the home and is disappointed they disobeyed him. On the way back, the Captain notices they are being tailed by one of Seamus’ goons and sacrifices himself so the others can escape.
Meanwhile, the team decides to take a proactive approach in catching Murphy and follow up on their leads. Diaz goes undercover in a hair salon to gain information from the crime lord’s girlfriend, Nikki. Santiago, Terry, and Scully sift through Seamus’ shredded files and try to piece them together for any clues.
With expert Gina in her ear, Diaz uses Nikki’s love of gossiping to learn the crime kingpin’s whereabouts. Though not much of a talker at first, the two bond over having criminals for boyfriends. In order to keep the conversation going, Diaz takes one for the team and asks for her hair to be bleached and permed. It pays off as she learns the city where Seamus is staying.  Santiago and company are able to find an exact address by piecing together some junk mail.
Jake and Kevin race to an abandoned warehouse where Murphy is holding Holt. Jake goes in alone to rescue his superior but is captured in the process. While tied up, Peralta apologizes to Raymond for taking his husband to the library, but he did it because he couldn’t see Ray and his husband’s marriage fall apart. Before the two are about to be shot, Kevin busts through in a car saving the day and takes down Seamus with a swift punch to the throat. Because of this operation, the FBI was able to roll up the entire operation.
I was happy to have Brooklyn Nine-Nine back on TV. Holt has always served as a father figure of the precinct, especially for Jake so it was interesting to explore the dynamic between Peralta and Kevin, who would be his other father in this family. This relationship wasn’t too different as Kevin has the same deadpan delivery and serious demeanor as his husband.
After having a rough childhood in a broken home, Jake has finally found some stability while being under Holt’s influence, and it was only fitting that he would do anything to keep his new parents together. Even if it did endanger their lives. Also, Diaz was the MVP of this episode as it was through her they were able to find Seamus. In addition, actress Stephanie Beatriz showed her versatility by using the New York accent and her nuanced and subtle reactions when asking for the different hairdos perfectly captured Diaz’s hesitation and horror.
My favorite three lines:
Jake:  Ok. I really think you’ll like this one.  Nic Cage is a chemist…
Kevin:  Interesting. Keep going.
Jake:  Who has to break into Alcatraz…
Kevin:  Absolutely not!

Diaz:  They said Seamus’ girlfriend, Nikki, works in a hair salon in Bay’s Ridge.
Boyle:  Nice. Classic mistress job.
Hitchcock:  Hey, my girlfriend’s a hairdresser.
Boyle:  And you cheated on your ex-wife with her.
Hitchcock:  Checkmate. Well played.

Though not an actual line, it was funny to see Holt text message as if he were writing a formal letter complete with an opening and ending with “Sincerely, Raymond Holt”.
Brooklyn Nine-Nine has moved and now airs Sunday nights at 8:30 pm on Fox.

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