Knocked Up Meets The Incredibles In Supermom

by James Ferguson

Action Lab Entertainment has announced Supermom: Expecting Trouble, a five-issue super hero family drama beginning in December. Written by Gordon Mclean, illustrated by Caio Oliveira, colored by Fahriza Kamaputra, and lettered by Frank Cvetkovic, the series follows a pregnant super hero as she tries to stop her arch-nemesis from taking over the world. Oh, he also happens to be the baby’s father.


Creator / writer Gordon Mclean says:

It’s a fast and funny mix of crazy fights and big laughs with characters you’ll quickly come to care about and some emotional tugs of the hearts. There’s also twists and surprises and I guarantee no-one will successfully guess how the big finale plays out. Plus there’s beautiful art from a team who’ve put so, so many hours into this. And there’s evil clown monkeys. I mean come on! What more do you need?

Supermom came about thanks in part to Mclean’s uncle David. The man was always a supporter of his work and left him some funds to help produce his next comic in his will. That has pushed Mclean to make the best possible comic he can. Inspiration was also drawn from Mclean’s mother, Jean, pulling from some of the memories he had of her when she was pregnant with his youngest sister.

Supermom: Expecting Trouble #1 features a cover by interior artist Caio Oliveira and another by Tanya Roberts. It’s set for release on December 18th, 2019.

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