There’s A New Ring-Slinger In Town: Your First look At Far Sector #1 From Young Animal

by Olly MacNamee

There’s a hip new ring-slinger in town, but you won’t be seeing her in space sector 281, any time soon as she’s stationed in the interstellar metropolis known as the City Enduring, in a space sector far, far away, as the title to this new book more than implies.
Far Sector is the newest maxi-series from Young Animal, and written by N. K. Jemison and illustrated by Jamal Campbell and featuring Sojourner “Jo” Mullein in her new role as a Green Lantern, heralding from Earth. Here’s a look at the opening pages to the first issue, which will be out November 13th from DC Comics/Young Animal. Judging from the preview, she ain’t your mommy and daddy’s Green Lantern, that’s for sure.

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