Black Lighting Confronts The Occupation In A Preview Of Next Week’s Episode

by Erik Amaya

Jefferson (Cress Williams) and Lynn (Christine Adams) have finally left the ASA black site. But what they find back in Freeland may be even more of a prison. And if this preview of next week’s Black Lightning is to be believed, Jefferson is ready to deal with the occupation. Unfortunately, the continued Markovian attacks and the very clear ASA threat to his family may hamper his plans.

Meanwhile, we’ve come to love Agent O’Dell (Bill Duke). He seems to contain multitudes despite his penchant for clearly underhanded things. Thanks to Duke’s acting, his stated hope of allowing metas to live free seems genuine. At the same time, he totally manipulated Jennifer (China Anne McClain) into attacking the alleged Markovian data farm while withholding the truth about Kahlil (Jordan Calloway) from her. Also, the episode’s final moments make it clear his decision to release Jefferson and Lynn is part of his overall design to get the briefcase back. Hell, even the new suit he gave Jeff played into his manipulation of Tobias Whale (Marvin “Krondon” Jones III). You have to wonder if O’Dell, like Amanda Waller of DC Comics fame, believes all of these tactics will be justified in the long run or if he just enjoys being cruel.

From the get-go, this show has used the CIA’s introduction of crack cocaine into the inner cities as its inciting incident. And with the ASA emerging as that organization’s fictionalized analogue, will they (and O’Dell) turn out to be the true villains of the entire series?

Also, you have to love when a Black Lighting plot just fizzles and the continued push-pull with Grace (Chantal Thuy) ended with another thud. We hope she actually sticks around this time as Anissa (Nafessa Williams) in a committed relationship would be something different.

Black Lightning airs Mondays on The CW.

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