Meet Our New Editor-in-Chief Erik Amaya & Senior Editors James Ferguson And Olly MacNamee

by Hannah Means Shannon

Comicon opened its gates with a re-launch almost 3 years ago, in January of 2017, but it would be several months before contributors started joining us and filling out our ranks, covering topics ranging from comics to film, TV, video games, collectibles, and many points in between.
Among the first to join us were Erik Amaya, taking on film and TV duties, James Ferguson, picking up many comics topics that veered away from his other enthusiasm, horror pop culture, which he wrote about on Horror Talk, now called HorrorDNA, and Oliver “Olly” MacNamee, who came in as a wide-ranging comics powerhouse tackling convention life as well as reviews and interviews.
Our numbers grew even further, happily, but these three contributors have provided the backbone of content for for a good, long, while. Today we are really pleased to honor their hard work with a series of promotions to greater visibility, responsibility, and of course, even more hard work to do! I mean they’ve proven they can do it, which means they get even more on their plate.
Erik Amaya starts his role as’s Editor-in-Chief today, taking on the big picture questions for the site’s growth, development, and future, and continuing to support film, tv, collectibles and more. We can continue to expect his eagle-eyed coverage of comic-related TV fare and his ongoing critique of the MCU.
James Ferguson takes up the role of Senior Editor, and while continuing with plenty of breaking news, will also be the point-person for interacting with a number of different comics publishers and looking after a lot of our comic contributors and their publications. He has a particular penchant for representing all-ages content, too, so caregivers, take note.
Olly MacNamee also takes up the role of Senior Editor, charging forward with his brand of art-loving comics news, but interfacing with a number of publishers for us and taking on an equal portion of support for our contributors and the excellent content they provide for the site in the comics sphere. And if you make it over to the UK, you’ll most likely find him down the pub near any good comic convention.
Congratulations to three very deserving geeks, and I hope you’ll join us in making them feel celebrated.
For more about these newly minted editors, check out their bios below:
Erik Amaya, our Editor-in-Chief, is a film and television critic, specializing in comic book media and genre work since 2007. His work has appeared on Rotten Tomatoes, Bleeding Cool, CBR and Comics Alliance. He is the Comics on TV columnist at Rotten Tomatoes and a contributor to Rotten Tomatoes: Rotten Movies We Love, the recently published book about the lowest rated movies on the site’s infamous Tomatometer. He is also a co-host of the television podcast Tread Perilously and a life-long fan of visual storytelling. He considers The Legion of Superheroes (v4) #4 as the moment he truly fell in love with comics and Robotech as a seminal experience in long-form storytelling.
James Ferguson, one of our Senior Editors, loves comics. He’s been reading them and talking about them for as long as he can remember and writing about them since 2008 on his own blog, and He hosts Funny Book Splatter, a horror comics podcast. James is a fledgling comics writer with a few shorts under his belt. When he’s not reading comics or writing about them, he’s advocating for cord cutters and collecting enamel pins. He lives in the suburbs of New York with his wife, Monica and his two kids, named after comic book characters, Oliver and Parker. He is @JamesFerguson on Twitter.
Olly MacNamee, one of our Senior Editors, has been reporting about comics for a number of years now, having cut his teeth at Bleeding Cool before taking up the gauntlet as thrown down by A comic book fan since his very early years, Olly is a life-long DC Comics fan, but that hasn’t stopped him developing a larger addiction to other books by other publishers. To him, we are living in a new Golden Age of comic book publishing and just wishes he had more time to read all the great comics out there. When he’s not reading, reviewing or breaking comic book news, he teaches too, where he has often used comics in the classroom to support the literacy development of his students over the years. He lives in the UK’s second city, Birmingham, where he is also involved in the organisation of Birmingham’s premium graffiti and street art festival, High Vis Fest, his second love after comic books.

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