Art For Art’s Sake # 24 – It’s Comic Art Baby…Enjoy!

by Richard Bruton

Time once more for the Comicon round up of all the delicious artwork on the Internet I’ve noticed this week… some real beauties to be seen…
John Allison… new comic Steeple… most exciting!

The brilliance that is Hunt Emerson

Kris Anka – Web of Black Widow 1

Bill Sienkievicz – Magik

Got to say, I prefer Steranko’s Nick Fury, but there’s a real beauty to this page from Jack Kirby

Uderzo – Asterix, wonderful Asterix…

Archie’s Girls Betty and Veronica #177, 1970 – Dan DeCarlo (Via Balu8)

Blueberry & Chihuahua Pearl by Félix Meynet (Via Dirty River)

Frank Frazetta

Archie #709: Archie and Sabrina cover by Elsa Charretier

… and the same… with cover by Paulina Ganucheau

Conan by Barry Windsor-Smith

The Shadow: Year One  #1, cover by Chris Samnee

Stephanie Hans – Valkyrie #3

Moon Knight – Mike Henderson

Phil Jimenez variant cover for Amazing Spider-Man #10 (2018) – now, this is a perfect example of what I think is the problem behind the whole variant cover thing… yes, the Phil Jimenez art is as gorgeous as you might expect… but it’s the cover to a SPIDER-MAN comic for Pete’s sake… and this just isn’t a Spider-Man comic at all…

And finally… as is so often the case, as I’m doing these I come across something that makes me either remember a great set of art or something I’d never seen before. This is definitely the case with the ‘Nam, a comic I first saw on its first release and was blown away by Michael Golden’s phenomenal artwork… this sort of fabulous artwork…

And now a couple of interiors… personally, I really love the original comics reproduction and prefer it to the new remastered stuff… something about the muted colors just works so well for me…


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