First Look: Darwin’s Game Promotional Video

by Sage Ashford

The first trailer for the upcoming adaptation of the manga series “Darwin’s Game” has released.  A young man named Kaname Sudo gets an online invite to try out the app “Darwin’s Game”, putting him in a battle with other users for his own life with no way to quit.   Darwin’s Game has been published in Bessatsu Shonen Champion since 2012, and was created by mangaka FLIPFLOPs.
The director for Darwin’s Game is Yoshinobu Tokumoto, previously known for his work on .hack//Roots and Comic Girls.  Series composition is being handled by Ginko, part of the circle responsible for creating Darwin’s Game.  Kazuya Nakanishi is handling character design, while Studio Nexus  (Granbelm, Comic Girls) will be producing.
Though this isn’t another isekai, it does kind of have the trappings of said.  The real question at this point though is whether it’ll manage to be an interesting psychological series or have some decent action.  It’s easy to create something “gritty” and “edgy”, but there have been countless anime to do the same thing and without something else to keep people watching that won’t carry them as far as they think.  (Even Goblin Slayer was ultimately beautiful to look at, even if some of the stuff it went into was a little gross.)n
Darwin’s Game will premiere during the Winter anime season, in January.

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