‘Superman & Lois’ Trailer Reveals Angst As The Family Moves To Smallville

by Erik Amaya

Since Superman & Lois always planned to lean into the family drama bread-and-butter of The CW and its predecessor network, The WB, this angsty and desaturated trailer for the upcoming series shouldn’t be too much of a surprise. And yet, do we really need Superman (Tyler Hoechlin) to be doubting himself like this in 2021?

As revealed in the trailer, Clark and Lois’s (Elizabeth Tulloch) move to Smallville may be motivated by the loss of their jobs at the Daily Planet. But whatever idyllic escape they hope to find in Clark’s hometown will be shattered by its own economic problems. Meanwhile, a mysterious armored figure appears to have all of the other Kryptonite on Earth-Prime — well, other than the shard currently giving Team Batwoman trouble — which appears to be part of the ongoing threat as the series begins. Also, it seems Clark’s sons did not know he was Superman and the revelation will lead to yet more angst.

To be honest, it’s angstier than we want for Clark. The boys are there for that sort of thing. But perhaps all the moodiness in this trailer will contrast the arrival of the light when the full 90-minute Superman & Lois pilot debuts February 23rd on The CW.

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