A Most Unkind Family Awaits In Black Terror #2

by Josh Davison

Mild Spoilers Ahead
Father Kind has locked up the Black Terror in a cage and claims to be in touch with a goddess named Maya, using the blessings of this goddess to siphon off the Terror’s powers and giving it to himself and his followers. For obvious reasons, new follower Christina is skeptical of Kind and his “family.” However, after praying to Maya, the Kind Family begins flying, leaping great heights, and shattering boulders. All the while, the Terror snarls at Kind from his cage. Despite this, Christina is still doubtful of Kind’s alleged benevolence, and she begins to search the ground for a clue on what’s really going on.

Black Terror #2 cover by Rahzzah
Black Terror #2 cover by Rahzzah

Black Terror #2 introduces us to what can best be described as the Manson Family with superpowers. Father Kind is a cult leader with designs on invincibility, and he thinks he’s found the way through Maya and Black Terror. 
After missing Black Terror #1, I feared that I would be lost in the relaunch of this Project Superpowers figure. However, Max Bemis once again proves himself a master of the self-contained story. It’s easy to follow this plot along from beginning to end, much like the issues Bemis’ run on Marvel’s Moon Knight
Also like the antagonists from Bemis’ Moon Knight, Father Kind really is a sick and cruel creature. The final reveal that turns the story of this issue is monstrous, and it makes the brutal justice delivered by the Terror all the more satisfying.
Ruairi Coleman’s artwork brings the story to life quite well. Christina, who is the main focus of this issue, is an expressive and striking character. The rage of the Black Terror is palpable and practically radiates off the page. Father Kind’s visual design is quite good too. Brittany Pezzillo’s color art is atmospheric and appealing.
Black Terror #2 is a dark and intense issue, but it balances this darkness with emotional catharsis and a fairly uplifting payoff. Black Terror proves himself a compelling protagonist, and the book earns itself a recommendation. Feel free to give this one a read.
Black Terror #2 comes to us from writer Max Bemis, artist Ruairi Coleman, color artist Brittany Pezzillo, letterer Taylor Esposito, cover artist Rahzzah, and variant cover artists Jorge Fornes and Tyler Kirkham.
Final Score: 8.5/10

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