Kate Confronts Sophie With The Truth On The Next Episode Of Batwoman

by Erik Amaya

While Sophie (Meagan Tandy) may have held back the truth about Kate (Ruby Rose) this week, her resolve may falter. And as this preview of next week’s show indicates, Kate will have to confront her with the truth of her own feelings to learn if Sophie can be trusted.

Meanwhile, it’s nice to see Kate and Jacob (Dougray Scott) find a way forward now that both are convinced Alice is Beth, but we still have to wonder at the shape of this show once they deal with her. This week’s episode might be something of a preview as we saw the first legit villain of the week plot with the Executioner. And while his motivation indicates a thoroughly corrupt Gotham government, we’re not sure if that will be enough of an engine for this show. Alice, for her part, works in relation to the Kanes, but we’re also left wondering if she has much of plan going forward. Maybe we’ll get to the Book of Crime at some point, which would definitely be a surprise considering the program’s current “grounded” setting. But it may be the twist it needs to pull off multiple seasons.
Batwoman airs Sundays on The CW.

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