Legendary Looks To Develop Sin City Into A TV Series

by Erik Amaya

Marv may be getting one more chance at the Big Goodbye
Deadline reports Legendary has closed a deal with Frank Miller to bring his Sin City books to television. Additionally, the company is negotiations with Sin City film co-director Robert Rodriguez to board the project as an executive producer alongside Miller. Sin City: A Dame To Kill For‘s Stephen L’Heureux and Silenn Thomas are set to produce the new show.
The original comics tell the tales of ne’er-do-wells and reprobates in a thoroughly corrupt town with docks on one end and an abandoned amusement park on the other. Characters whose stories seemingly draw to a close reappear in other peoples’ stories, but the large societal problems plaguing the city are depicted as insurmountable. Instead, the denizens of Sin City just try to keep from drowning.
As in the comics, the television show will be an anthology series, with Legendary committing to finding a streaming partner, network or cable outlet willing to offer a first-season guarantee. The company will also set up a “Hard-R” animated prequel to the events of the first film. Whether that means a new tale of Marv’s (Mickey Rourke) past or another night with That Yellow Bastard remains to be seen.
With Miller and Rodriguez involved, it seems unlikely any of the stories utilized in the original Sin City film or its sequel, Sin City: A Dame to Kill For, will be adapted again. But we imagine Miller has plenty of ideas for fresh stories and maybe even an inkling on how to bring Hell and Back to television.
But will a streamer like Amazon want that?

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