Art For Art’s Sake # 26 – Never Mind The Whatnots, Here’s More Art

by Richard Bruton

Art For Art’s Sake, the very best in this week’s artwork… all lovely and pretty and cool. Enjoy…

Emma Frost by Andrea Sorrentino

Ramon PerezArchie #708 (Archie & Sabrina Part 4) “I always love love love doing the Archie covers – hope you enjoy them us much as I like doing them. A big thanks to @ArchieComics for keeping me in mind for these. One day tho (sic) I’ll have to do up a full comic – perhaps a one-shot of some kind…”

Al Hirschfield – Margaret Rutherford playing Margaret Rutherford (Via Browse The Stacks)

Jonah Hex – by Billy Tucci (Via Dirty River)

Rick Veitch – “Supreme splash page. Script Alan Moore, art by me, letters Todd Klein, not sure who did the coloring. Edits Eric Stephenson.

Paul Jason Holden, doing another one of his putting art to John Reppion’s tweets… “Boy oh boy this latest one by Jon John Reppion and I seems to have upset people on twitter who a) find Boudicca super sexy (but not in this picture-which is fine, I wasn’t going for super sexy. More sweaty warrior woman killing 70,000 Romans) and b) believe in a vast Jewish conspiracy. I have no idea how those two things are related, but apparently there’s some numbskulls that do out there.”

Steve Bissette – A Constantine sketch…

Andi Watson – great Dredd…

Liam Sharp – Blacksaad – Piece from ‘Blacksad and Friends’ published by Steve Morger and Big Wow Art

Captain Marvel by Bengal (Via Art Vault)

Joel Gomez – “Gotham Nights with inks by Gerhard, environmental designer & background artist for the Canadian graphic novel Cerebus.

Alison Bechdel – her home studio

Serge Clerc

Hunt Emerson – Alnwick Vampire – strip from Fortean Times with Kevin Jackson

Batgirl – Mingjue Helen Chen (Via Art Vault)

And finally… here’s a blast from the past, a little bit of Bill Sienkievicz artwork from the days of ROM. You know, there’s a parallel world out there where Bill didn’t do as many covers and they have a load more comic interiors from him… that would be an interesting world to say the least…

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