Review: New Mutants #3 Spreads The Good News Of Krakoa

by Tony Thornley
Cover by Rod Reis

While the original flavor New Mutants adventure off in the Shi’Ar empire, there is still work to be done back on Earth. Several young mutants take up the cause to help mutants who haven’t made it to Krakoa. Naturally it gets complicated…

Ed Brisson, Flaviano, Carlos Lopez, Travis Lanham and Tom Muller spread the gospel of Krakoa.

Armor loves her new home on Krakoa, and begins to wonder about her friends who haven’t made it to the island. She recruits Sage to help her find those who haven’t made it, and Glob to help her visit them and spread the news. However, their first visit may be a lot more complicated than they anticipated!

Brisson tells an extremely fun story. He centers the story on Armor, giving her a great motivation for why she wants to spread the word, as well as her connection for who she visits. It also uses several of the new Krakoan X-Men concepts better than many of the other series have so far. It comes together as a great example of what sort of story this latest era of X-Men can tell.

Flaviano’s work is very solid. It has a few consistency problems at first, varying at some points from expressive and cartoony to hyper stylized. However once he finds his groove, it stays there, with some great emotional moments. He also does a great job at making the more inhuman-appearing characters- especially Glob Herman and Beak- relatable and human. Lopez’s colors are very bright throughout, using more flat colors to match the cartoonish style of the line art.

The Dawn of X still is offering us surprises, and I’m excited to see what’s in store next.

New Mutants #3 is available now from Marvel Comics.

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