State of Play Gives A Glimpse Of Babylon’s Fall Gameplay

by Sage Ashford

Previously announced at Square-Enix’s E3 show a couple years ago, Babylon’s Fall was a game meant to release some time in 2019. That’s obviously changed since then, as Square describes this preview from Sony’s State of Play on Thursday as an “early” look at the title. We don’t get much, other than a glimpse into the game’s painted artbook-styled world and it’s fast-paced combat. The previous trailer gave hints at a story, but from the looks of this new glimpse, the game is going to lean much more in the direction of a Souls-style progression, where the story is gradually discovered through items around the world.
However, there’s potential still for Babylon’s Fall to be more than we think. Platinum Games always tries to bring the most interesting and unique worlds possible. We still have no idea what sort of action game this is, what sort of builds are possible, etc. The original trailer teased four distinct “characters” so there’s plenty of information we still don’t know.
We’re told to expect more information during Summer of 2020, which would seemingly imply that they’re planning on doing yet another Square-Enix E3 show. This is a huge change from a few years ago, where Square only gave their games to either Microsoft or Sony to present. Hopefully, they will not be as afraid of putting their major games on display at their own conference going forward.
Babylon’s Fall is expected on PlayStation 4 and PC.

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