Square-Enix Brings Bravely Default 2 To The Nintendo Switch

by Sage Ashford

One of the many, many titles announced at The Game Awards was the next project coming from Team Asano, responsible for Bravely Default and Octopath Traveler. The curiously named Bravely Default II seems to be the proper next game in the Bravely series, whereas Bravely Second was merely the second part of the original Bravely Default.
In any case, Bravely Default II is set in a completely different world and tells a new story, though it sounds rather old-fashioned since you’ll be playing as a group called the Heroes of Light and searching for four crystals. The game is being co-developed by ClayTechWorks and features music from Revo, so essentially it’s all the same cast returning from Bravely Default.
The trailer gives us a look at different environments that will likely be in the game, then a glimpse at the characters we’ll be playing. With Team Asano claiming they wanted to release a game every year, it looks like they’re on pace to maintain that schedule for the near future.

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