Multiplayer On Display In Granblue Fantasy: Relink Co-Op Trailer

by Sage Ashford

Granblue Fantasy Festival 2019 happened over the weekend, and with it came new news on Granblue Fantasy: Relink, CyGames’ console RPG. Focusing on multiplayer, this footage takes the Dragon Knights (Vane, Siegfried, Lancelot, and Percival) into a single quest as they work their way back to what appears to be a crashed Grandcypher, their ship. Along the way, they wind up running into a giant dragon they have to take down first, giving us a chance to see what their group attacks look like.
As the first trailer in a year, though, this doesn’t look completely different than the gameplay we’ve seen before. It does seem to be more geared towards multiplayer than the previous trailer, which seemed to have co-op in mind, yet still be more story focused. This could mean specific quests are more geared towards co-operative gameplay, or it could mean a shift in development. With Platinum Games having left the project a while back, CyGames seems to have rebuilt quite a bit of the game from the ground up; even mentioning how all the footage we saw here was done in the last year.

There’s also a second trailer teasing some additional characters. Though still confirmed for PS4, the change in development has led to CyGames avoiding the issue of a release date.

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