Transformers Take On The Terminator In New IDW Mini-Series

by Olly MacNamee

It’s certainly not one I would have seen coming, but in 2020 IDW’s Transformers will take on Dark Horse’s The Terminator in a new four-issue series published by both companies.
This new series brings together three longtime Transformers creators, writers David Mariotte and John Barber, and artist Alex Milne,  with writer Tom Waltz  for an epic crossover that revisits the concepts of alien invasion and time-traveling resistance fighters… but twists them in unexpected ways.
And, that’s about all the information we’ve been given so far about this interesting crossover. That, and the various creators love of the two franchises, as Milne’s statement reveals:

Transformers was a large part of my childhood; I was captivated, wanting to see how Optimus Prime would foil the plans of Megatron. Later, I came across The Terminator and was amazed by the idea of a robot pretending to be a human, sent back in time to hunt down a specific target. Now, as an adult, I’m very pleased to lend my talents to a project which sees these sci-fi icons brought together!

Look out for more on this announcement in the new year.

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