Earth’s Mightiest Heroes Stand Strong Against The Tribulation Events In Kael Ngu’s ‘Avengers’ #1 Cover

by Brendan M. Allen

A new era of Avengers is on the horizon. All week long, fans can see the stunning variant covers that will grace the debut issue of Jed MacKay and C.F. Villa’s upcoming run. Today, check out acclaimed cover artist Kael Ngu’s cover that shows the entire team in action. 

Captain Marvel. Iron Man. Thor. Black Panther. Captain America. Scarlet Witch. Vision. Ngu’s cover captures the incredible might of these seven legendary Avengers as they assemble for one of the greatest challenges in the team’s 60-year history. This group of icons will need every ounce of their power and more for what’s coming as they become major players in Kang’s final conquest and tackle bold, high stakes missions that only Earth’s Mightiest Heroes can hope to handle.

Redeemed and more confident in her abilities than ever before, Wanda will be rejoining the Avengers in the new run, lending her unmatched magic prowess to the team’s daunting new missions. In addition to reuniting with old friends, Wanda will also be working alongside her ex-husband Vision for the first time in years. Will sparks fly or will old wounds resurface? It’s a new chapter for this iconic Avengers pairing that fans dare not miss.

In MacKay and Villa’s Avengers saga, the team will embrace a new divine purpose after they’re gifted with knowledge of The Tribulation Events, a series of grand-scale disasters that will spark upheaval throughout the known universe. Fans got their first glimpse at MacKay’s overarching Avengers plan in last month’s year-ending one-shot, Timeless, where readers followed Kang in his hunt for the unobtainable “Missing Moment.” 

Now, a dangerous game is afoot and the prize is greater than anything imaginable… Will the Avengers be able to triumph in the face of the Tribulation Events and learn the connection behind these earth-shattering threats and Kang’s quest? Or will they be reduced to mere pawns in an extraordinary scheme beyond their comprehension?

Ngu’s electrifying piece will also be available as a virgin variant cover. Check it out now and stay tuned for another Avengers #1 variant cover reveal tomorrow.

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