Cap Hulks Out During WWII: Preview Tarot #1 By Davis, Renaud And Marvel

by Olly MacNamee

A new month and another new Marvel event. This time round, it’s Tarot #1 (of 4) by Alan Davis (writing, not drawing, unfortunately) and Paul Renaud (art) and limited to only The Defenders and Avengers as a starting line-up. Although, given how many Marvel superheroes have been members of The Avengers over the years, this could be a big cast. And it all starts during World War II and what’s seems to be The Invaders as this preview shows.

An all-new epic adventure teaming the classic Earth’s Mightiest Heroes with Marvel’s premiere Non-Team by Alan Davis and Paul Renaud!
A strange and impossible lost memory from his days in World War II draws Namor the Sub-Mariner to his one-time compatriot Captain America—but the two heroes and their respective allies find themselves pulled into a labyrinth of pain, destruction and madness courtesy of the Infernal Ichor of Ish’lzog!

Tarot #1 will be out Wednesday 1st January 2020.


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