Dex Investigates Abs In A Preview Of Next Week’s Stumptown

by Erik Amaya

Dex’s (Cobie Smulders) next case takes her into the world of male strippers. And as Stumptown‘s promos are often vague about where investigations will go we imagine there will be more to it than the abs of the very fit guy glimpsed in the preview. Also, there’s that moment at the end with Hoffman (Micheal Ealy) and Grey (Jake Johnson) to consider. Will they need her help in the next part of their case?

While we definitely enjoy Grey and Hoffman working together, their stolen car ring story feels a world apart from Dex — particularly this week with her more modest stakes. That said, the show works because it mixes more serialized stories with cases of the week, which means it always has a couple of tones to play with in every episode.
As for her ongoing character development, one hopes she actually goes to that veteran’s group. Silence can totally be deafening even without her specific PTSD, but maybe the other vets can help her find ways to manage it.
Stumptown airs Wednesdays on ABC.

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