Your First Look At Empyre #1 By Ewing, Slott And Schiti

by Olly MacNamee

Marvel’s next big all encompassing event is newly upon us and so they’ve released a first action-packed look at the art to be found in Empyre #1 by Al Ewing, Dan Slott and Valerio Schiti. Get ready for a Kree/Skrull alliance and what that means for Earth when the first issue drops like an invading Skrull armada April 2020.

  • The Kree and the Skrulls have united under a new emperor – and their war fleet is on a collision course for our world.

  • On the moon, the Avengers are ready to strike with the full power of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. Approaching from outer space, the Fantastic Four are seeking a diplomatic solution.

  • If the two teams can’t work together to save the day, things can only get worse…

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