Super Sunday: Saying Goodbye To The EU With The Best Of British

by Olly MacNamee

For those of you in the Colonies following the travails of the United Kingdom over the past few year will know that, as of this past Friday night/Saturday morning we have officially cut ourselves off from the European Union to become an isolated and divided island once again, after spending 47 years in the union. For many it’s a sad day to turn our backs on a partnership that has, without a doubt, helped many from businesses to the general citizenship of Europe and beyond. But, no more.
The general consensus, seemingly, is to get on with it now, and so in the spirit of this mandate passed thrown down  to us plebs from the ivory tower that is Number 10 Downing Street and our Prime Minister, here’s to a Super Sunday of celebrating great British comics coming your way, starting with a look a Titan Comics new series Adler, set in the dying days of Victorian England  – an outdated time that I believe many Brexiteers wish to return to one again (the fools) – and featuring not only Irene Adler from Sherlock Holmes, but also other female figures from Victorian era literature too.

We also have an exclusive interview with Adler artist, Paul McCaffrey too, as well as a look at some great forthcoming UK comic books coming your way this year.
Half the country may not be happy with us leaving Europe, as am I, but now I’ve swallowed the bitter pill that is Brexit, let’s look to the future and all the good things that we can still shine a light on here in a country that, come what may, still makes some of the greatest comics in the world and has given us some of the greatest contemporary comic book creators too.
So, ahead of the Super Bowl, why not enjoy our Super Sunday as well?

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