‘Bitter Root #6’ Variant Cover Homages ‘My Neighbor Toroto’ By Sanford Greene

by Olly MacNamee

Starting off an all new story, Bitter Root #6 will come with a very desirable variant cover homaging the fan-favorite Miyazakii film My Neighbor Toroto. Bitter Root #6, is brought to you by the talents of by David F. Walker, Chuck Brown, new colorist Sofie Dodgson and Sanford Greene, who also provides the variant cover art.

In Bitter Root #6, the monster-fighting Sangerye family returns for another adventure. Loved ones once thought lost forever have returned—though the bliss of this family reunion doesn’t last for long. Cullen has changed, and everyone is concerned. But they’ll need all the help they can get, as a new threat has arrived on Earth…

But, it seems it will only available at the upcoming PowerCon on March 14h, given Greene is a guest there, so you may want to check out more here if you’re interested.
Currently in development as a film from producer Ryan Coogler and Legendary, here’s a quick resume of the series below:

The Bitter Root series takes place in the 1920s while the Harlem Renaissance is in full swing and follows the Sangerye Family. Once the greatest family of monster hunters in the world, the Sangeryes must move beyond the tragedies of the past, or be forced to sit back and watch an unimaginable evil ravage the human race.

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