SWAG Adventures: Becoming The Newest Brooklyn Nine-Nine Detective

by Gary Catig

SDCC is arguably the most popular comic con to attend. Even if you can’t score a coveted ticket to the actual show, it can be worth the trip just to attend all the offsites. Heavyweight entertainment companies like FX and Amazon Prime host immersive experiences that are associated with their programming.
This past summer, NBC also sponsored some offsite attractions involving their shows The Good Place and Superstore. What I was most interested in was their Brooklyn Nine-Nine activation. They brought a smaller version of the precinct in the heart of downtown San Diego. The exterior tried to simulate being in New York complete with scaffolding, posters, and a subway entrance. Plus, images of your favorite detectives could be found on the sides of the building.

Inside was an Escape Room competition pitting three teams against each other. It first began with an introductory video for all the new recruits that featured familiar faces from the NBC comedy. We were then separated into different squads and brought into the office to solve four puzzles.
As much as each team was working quickly to finish the challenges, you couldn’t help but soak up the environment. You could visit Captain Holt’s desk, the lunch room and the holding tank to find hidden Easter Eggs. For some of the tasks, you even interacted with actors who would help or hinder your pursuit adding a whole new dimension not found in regular escape rooms.

In all the excitement, if your team was the first to complete all the puzzles, you all became the newest detectives of the Nine-Nine. To commemorate the occasion, each member received a nifty badge pin.

Overall, it was a fun and great experience and probably as close as one could get to being in the show. Technically, each time going through could be a new encounter since each team received different challenges. However, the long wait time could make it difficult to run through the activation multiple times.
Don’t forget to catch the new season of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, which begins today, Thursday, February 6th, with an hour-long premiere starting at 8:00 pm. Afterwards, it will air at its regular time, Thursdays at 8:30 pm.

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