2000 AD Art Stars Winners Announced

by Olly MacNamee

Winner: Federico Arevalo

To me, and many other fans of 2000 AD, this comic book has been one fo the most influential comic books of the 20th century, providing some of the UK’s most iconic comic book characters as well as spawning the careers of countless creators. Even today, at every Thought Bubble comic-con, an open call to pitch ideas for ‘Tharg’s Future Shock’ strips sees one new writer crowned the winner and offered a shot at the ‘Galaxy’s Greatest Comic’. The chance to write for such a fan-favourite is the dream of many a comic book fan.
Runner-up: David Timoney

And, recently, 2000 AD have been at it again, having run a talent contest – 2000 AD Art Stars – to find the next great artist to be introduced to readers through the pages of 2000 AD. A contest that will be run each quarter (so, every 3 months) with the last open-call taking up the theme of Judge Death, who’s just turned 40 but looks far, far worse for wear than most of that age. The years really haven’t been kind to him, now have they?
Runner-up: Uwe De Witt

It may nit be as prestigious as The Oscars, but nonetheless and without further ado, we’re delighted to be able to announce the winners here, with Federico Arevalo crowned as the winner (above) for last quarter with Uwe De Witt and David Timoney as runner-ups. Arevelo’s work – for which he’ll get paid – will feature in the popular Star Scans section which offers pin-up images of the comic’s various iconic characters.

2000 AD Art Stars is a chance for would-be comic book artists to get into the pages of 2000 AD AND get paid for it – every four month we announce a new theme based on a 2000 AD character or series and issue a call for artists to send us ‘Star Scan’ pin-ups. The winner, chosen by the editorial team, will be published in a future edition of 2000 AD. It’s an incredible chance for amateur artists to follow in the footsteps of some of comics’ greatest artistic talents and maybe even get their big break in the comic book industry!

If you’re interested in getting involved, do check out the 2000 AD Art Stars section on 2000 AD’s official site for terms and conditions and more. And congratulations to Frederico, but also to Use and David too. And, if you did enter but didn’t make the cut, don’t give up. You’re time may be nigh.

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