Safety In Numbers: ‘SFSX: Safe Sex #6’ Reviewed

by Josh Davison

Mild Spoilers Ahead
We are taken back to years ago; Avory was readying for a session with Nick. She finds Sylvia and Jones having sex in the storage room. Jones warns Avory about trusting that George is okay with her lifestyle. In the present, Jones and a squad of Party troopers have Avory, Casey, and George cornered at gunpoint in the storage room. Casey sets off a smoke bomb, giving the trio a chance to gain the advantage on Jones. Meanwhile, Powell has Sylvia, Nick, and Denis at his mercy. Denis’ pleasure is literally at Powell’s discretion and Powell is using that as a weapon.

SFSX: Safe Sex #6 cover by Tula Lotay
SFSX: Safe Sex #6 cover by Tula Lotay

SFSX #6 continues the intense climax of the series, with our Dirty Mind defenders squaring off against the forces of the Party’s Pleasure Center.
It’s an intense and, at times, quite uncomfortable issue. It truly seems that Jones has been turned against her old friends, and she’s willing to play on their fears and insecurities to win the confrontation.
Powell’s torment of Denis may be the most gut-wrenching part of SFSX #6. While much of what we’ve seen the Party do to its prisoners so far could safely be classified as sexual assault, there’s something more intimate and dehumanizing about what Powell has and is continuing to do to Denis. This isn’t really a criticism so much as an observation–and a warning, I suppose. This issue gets even more intense than prior installments.
We get more insight into Nick in this issue…and how destructive his perceptions can be. 
The ending cliffhanger provides no sort of resolution or relief. Things are still looking bad for the Dirty Mind denizens, and I’m left eager to see how all of this ends.
Jen Hickman once again comes out strong, rendering an issue that’s quite beautiful in all its conflict and misery. The detailing is great and each character is full of expression and visual personality. The coloring is creative and well-blended too, adding to the distinct identity of SFSX.
SFSX #6 is an intense and, at times, very uncomfortable issue for this dystopian series. We watch the absolute inhumanity of the Party manifest in new and grotesque manners. We also see the book hint at how pathological the Party members are and how thinking such as theirs often stems from some pretty cruel and obsessive places. This comic earns a recommendation. Check it out.
SFSX #6 comes to us from writer Tina Horn, artist Jen Hickman, flatter Alyssa Eleftheriou, letterer Steve Wands, and cover artist Tula Lotay.
Final Score: 8/10

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